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We are proud to present a salad growing system developed and produced in our own factory – this ensures you high quality and supply security.


The plants are grown in plastic trays in which water and fertilizer are adjusted to the plant’s specific needs. Our system is developed to provide more and more space between the trays as the plants increase in size, thus creating the very best conditions for the plant culture and good work conditions at the same time.

The irrigation water is collected in a return tank where it is purified and reused. This proces safeguards both the company finances and the environment as water and fertilizer waste is avoided. We supply you with all parts of the system:

  • Trays
  • Haul-off
  • Watering system
  • Fertilizer mixer
  • Water purifier
  • Packing facilities

The system is of course adaptable both to existing green houses and mountable in new sections.


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Viemose Driboga A/S

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